The Brewery

Muckle Brewing is very much a microbrewery with a 1.3 barrel brewery kit, providing five firkins (each 72 pints) per brew. We usually brew twice per week. The business was established in April 2016 by Tom & Nicola Smith, with the first ales being provided to our local pub that September.  Cask ales are now supplied to pubs along Hadrian’s Wall; and bottled ales to small businesses across Northumberland.

The brewery building replaced an old shed in our garden and was positioned to benefit from the wonderful views along the South Tyne valley. Originally planned as a summer house, by Nicola, it soon evolved to house Tom’s homebrew kit then developed into a small brewery. A modern design; it is clad in larch with a metal roof and a glazed end wall.

Tom designs the ales to be refreshing with layers of flavour, carefully choosing ingredients from the wide range of malt and hops available. Our core four ales of Muckle Tickle, Muckle Chuckle, Muckle Buster and Muckle Moss Stout, have been gradually joined by further tasty brews. These real ales benefit from secondary conditioning in the bottle. The ales are not filtered nor carbonated, to ensure the full flavours remain. Best drunk chilled (11-13 degrees is ideal) from a straight-sided pint glass; pour as one from a height, reserving the small amount of natural sediment in the shoulder of the bottle.

Muckle Brewing is proud to supply and support local businesses, and hope the Muckle ales encourage visitors to enjoy the beautiful, wild Hadrian’s Wall Country.