Muckle Bundle Selection #2

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Create your custom Muckle Selection by choosing up to 3 beers from our range below as well as choosing two of our beer gift packs, select from:

• Muckle Spring/Summer Gift Pack
• Muckle Autumn/Winter Gift Pack
• Muckle Core Beers Gift Pack

Muckle Tickle Golden, 4% (500ml)

Muckle Tickle, brewed with Bramling Cross and Goldings hops, a refreshing light bitter, is crafted of the calmness, tranquillity and colour of that sunny Hay Meadow in Hadrian's Wall Country.

Muckle Chuckle Amber, 4.2% (500ml)

Muckle Chuckle, a refreshing amber ale, is crafted around the sound of the burn bubbling and chuckling over the dark, mossy stones of Haltwhistle Burn Gorge. Cascade, Azacca and Centenial hops: notes of grapefruit and melon.

Muckle Buster Red, 4.5% (500ml)

Muckle Buster is inspired by the radiant sunsets across the big skies of the Solway Firth where Hadrian's Wall marches westward to the coast. Progress, First Gold and Cascade hops: notes of rich dark fruit.

Muckle Moss Stout, 4.3% (500ml)

Muckle Moss Stout, brewed with Progress hops and a chocolate malt, mirrors the character of the Moss. Rich and aromatic with a strong head, the colour of cotton grass.

Whin Sill Blonde, 3.5% (500ml)

Whin Sill Blonde is brewed with Progress and Bramling Cross hops; giving initial citrus notes, followed by sweet grass and then a biscuity finish. Refreshing and light, perfect for a warm sunny summers day.

Pride of Park (Pale Ale), 3.5% (500ml)

Pride of Park is brewed with Azacca hops giving wonderful fresh fruit notes, citrus and pine.

Muckle Magic, 3.0% (500ml)

Muckle Magic is brewed with Goldings hops. A light ale with a honey aroma and a universe of spiced earth notes.

Muckle Bari Brown Ale, 4.7% (500ml)

Muckle Bari, a traditional brown ale, celebrates the North-East dialect. The work Muckle is used to describe big, mighty or great: muckle tractor, muckle night out. Bari describes pretty, lovely or good.

Muckle Berry Winter Ale, 4.5% (500ml)

Muckle Berry balances the dark fruit flavours of raisins and plums with hints of caramel and layers of bitter spiced oranges.

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King's Crag APA, 5.4% (500ml)

A hue captured in this clear, strong beer that has a hint of citrus and caramel. Brewed with Cascade, Azacca and Centenial hops.

Stanegate IPA, 5.4% (500ml)

Stanegate IPA is a hoppy English ale, brewed with Progress and Goldings hops giving floral and minty notes.

Muckle Spring/Summer Gift Pack

Our Muckle Spring/Summer Gift Pack contains a refreshing collection of our beers, including:

• Whin Sill Blonde
• Pride of the Park
• Muckle Magic

Muckle Autumn/Winter Gift Pack

Our Muckle Autumn/Winter Gift Pack contains a collection of our beers that'll be sure to warm your cockles during these cooler months, including:

• Muckle Moss Stout
• Muckle Berry (or Muckle Buster)
• Muckle Bari

Muckle Core Beers Gift Pack

Our Muckle Core Beers Gift Pack contains a collection of our most iconic beers, including:

• Muckle Tickle
• Muckle Chuckle
• Muckle Buster

Mighty Buzz honey beer 3.5%

Mighty Buzz 3.5% is a light traditional ale brewed with Goldings hops, complemented by the addition of rich heather honey. 

Allergy information

Our beers can contain: malted barley, wheat, oats

Want to know more about our beers? Take a look at our Beers page.

Make the most of your Muckle

• Best drunk chilled (11-13 degrees is ideal)
• Bottle conditioned – pour carefully once opened
• This beer benefits from secondary conditioning in the bottle, the beer is unfiltered & naturally carbonated to ensure the full flavours remain
• For a crystal-clear beer, pour as one from a height reserving the small amount of natural sediment in the shoulder of the bottle

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