The Muckle Beers – whilst the Brewery is private, you can find the brewers at Farmers’ Markets across Northumberland where you can check out our specialist non-filtered and naturally carbonated beers

The Muckle range of bottle conditioned beers are listed below along with a description of the inspiration for their names and tasting notes. If you would like to read about storing and pouring Muckle beers then head to our FAQ page.

Muckle Tickle beers

Muckle Tickle golden 4.0% beers, 500ml £3.20

During summer months wander through the graceful grasses and flowers of the upland hay meadows of Northumberland with bare calves brushed and tickled by the fescue grasses and flowers and seed heads of Wood Cranesbill and Meadow Buttercup; with singing Skylarks hovering overhead and sun shining.

Muckle Tickle, is brewed with Bramling Cross and Goldings hops, making a refreshing light bitter crafted of the calmness, tranquillity and colour of that sunny Hay Meadow in Hadrian's Wall Country.

Contains: malted barley, wheat

Muckle Chuckle beers

Muckle Chuckle amber 4.2% beers, 500ml £3.20

Haltwhistle Burn rises from the peaty uplands of Hadrian's Wall Country in the shadow of the Great Whin Sill. From here, it gathers strength on its journey to the South Tyne Valley, tumbling through a dramatic sandstone gorge with densely wooded banks, where it descends through an industrial heritage of wool, coal, lime and brick; though now home to red squirrel, roe deer, otter, heron and dipper.

Muckle Chuckle, a refreshing amber ale, is crafted around the sound of the burn bubbling and chuckling over the dark mossy stones of Haltwhistle Burn Gorge. Cascade, Azacca and Centenial hops give notes of grapefruit and melon.

Contains: malted barley, wheat

Muckle Buster beers

Muckle Buster red 4.5% 500ml £3.20

Windshields Crag marks the highest point of Hadrian's Wall from where dramatic views open across Kielder Forest and the Cheviot Hills in the north, and over purple heather moorlands leading to Cold Fell in the south, then to the Solway Firth and Criffell in the west and finally to the east the Wall weaves and climbs along the Great Whin Sill ridge past mirrored loughs and roman forts.

Muckle Buster is inspired by the radiant sunsets across the big skies of the Solway Firth where Hadrian's Wall marches westward to the coast. Progress, First Gold and Cascade hops give this beer notes of rich dark fruit.

Contains: malted barley, wheat

Muckle Moss Stout

Muckle Moss Stout 4.3% 500ml £3.20

Moss is the name for the peat bogs and mires that scatter the hills and moors of Northumberland. They are wrapped in myth and legend and are places of unsure footing and deep black peat-stained pools. One example is Muckle Moss, a National Nature Reserve, situated in the undulating cuested landscape of Hadrian's Wall Country and a place of Curlew and Snipe, Bog Rosemary and Cotton Grass.

Muckle Moss Stout, brewed with Progress hops and a chocolate malt, mirrors the character of the Moss. It is rich and aromatic with a strong head, the colour of cotton grass.

Contains: malted barley, oats

Whin Sill Blonde beer

Whin Sill Blonde
3.5% beers, 500ml £3.20

The Great Whin Sill is a narrow, north facing ridge of hard dolerite rock running across Northumberland. It is formed from cooled magma and the rugged rocky outcrop of the Whin Sill provides a dramatic backbone for Hadrian's Wall, which was built by the Romans in 122 AD.

Whin Sill Blonde is a Northumberland beer brewed with Progress and Bramling Cross hops; giving initial citrus notes, then followed by sweet grass and finally a biscuity finish. Refreshing and light, it is perfect for a warm sunny summers day.

Contains: malted barley, wheat

Pride of Park beer

Pride of Park pale ale 3.5% beers, 500ml £3.20

Northumberland National Park is an amazing place to live and to visit. With dramatic hills, beautiful valleys, wild rolling moorland, dense forests, dark skies, rich geology, 10,000-year history: these are the Pride of Park.

This pale ale is brewed with Azacca hops giving wonderful fresh fruit notes, citrus and pine.

Contains: malted barley, wheat

Muckle Magic beers

Muckle Magic
3.0% beers, 500ml £3.20

Discover the magic of stargazing in the Northumberland Dark Sky Park, with the dramatic Northern Lights, shows of meteor showers and galaxies 2.5 million light years away.

Muckle Magic is brewed with Goldings hops. A light ale with a honey aroma and a universe of spiced earth notes.

Contains: malted barley, wheat

Muckle Bari brown ale

Muckle Bari brown ale 4.7% beers, 500ml £3.20

Muckle Bari, a traditional brown ale, celebrates the North-East dialect. The work Muckle is used to describe big mighty or great, for example muckle tractor, muckle night out. Bari describes pretty, lovely or good.

Brewed with speciality malts and Goldings hops giving raisin and biscuit notes with a treacle aroma, Muckle Bari brown ale is a mighty good Northumberland beer.

Contains: malted barley, wheat

King's Crag APA

King's Crag APA
5.4% beers, 500ml £3.60

King's Crag is an outcrop of hard grey sandstone north of Hadrian's Wall, and an evocative place where King Arthur sleeps below the crag which is often bathed in amber evening light.

This hue is captured in this clear, strong beer with a hint of citrus and caramel from Cascade, Azacca and Centenial hops.

Contains: malted barley, wheat

Stanegate IPA beers

Stanegate IPA
5.4% 500ml £3.60

The Stanegate, or stone road, was the northern defensive frontier pre-dating Hadrian's Wall linking Corstopidum Fort in Corbridge to Luguvalium Fort in Carlisle. Still in use, though now with tarmac replacing stone, perhaps it was interference from local tribes that explains the unusual winding nature of this Roman road.

Stanegate IPA is a hoppy English ale, brewed with Progress and Goldings hops giving floral and minty notes.

Contains: malted barley, wheat

muckle berry beers

Muckle Berry winter ale 4.5% 500ml Seasonal £3.20

A rich winter fireside red ale, brewed with Crystal malt and First Gold hops.

Muckle Berry balances the dark fruit notes of raisins and plums with hints of caramel and layers of bitter spiced oranges.
We'll be brewing Muckle Berry again in the Autumn of 2022

Contains: malted barley, wheat

Mighty Buzz honey beer 3.5% 500mls £3.60

Mighty Buzz is brewed in collaboration with Northumberland Honey Company who migrate their bees during August to the wild extremes of Allendale Moor to forage on purple moorland heather.

Mighty Buzz honey beer is brewed with Goldings hops whose natural earthy honey notes are complemented by the addition of delicious rich heather honey producing a beer which is light golden in colour with notes of sweet honey

Contains: malted barley, wheat, hops, honey

More Muckles to come……

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Farmers' Markets

Meet the brewers and avoid delivery charges by finding us at Farmers' Markets across Northumberland where we pitch up weekly:
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