The brewery

Garden brewery

The larch clad brewery looks west along the Tyne Valley to Hadrian’s Wall, the wild and wonderful countryside from where we take our inspiration for the beers. The whole process of brewing, bottling, casking, conditioning and finally labelling keeps us busy in this ‘Tardis’

Artisan beers

This is a true artisan beer. All our beers are small batch, unfiltered and naturally carbonated. Beers do not leave the Brewery for any post processing. This supports a minimum of transportation and a high level of quality control. Our dedicated team of taste experts carry out the most important job!

The Brewery Muckle Chuckle
The Brewery Muckle Tickle


Muckle Brewing is a tiny Northumbrian Brewery with big values and mighty flavours. We select the best grains and hops to create beers with layers of flavour, a strong head and a refreshing taste.

Following brewing we take the spent grains to a local farmer for cattle feed, and our hens also enjoy a spent grain treat. The spent hops make excellent compost for local charity Gateway into Nature



We take inspiration for our beers from the local landscape & natural features that surround the Brewery. Along with Hadrian’s Wall & the Great Whin Sill, inspiration comes from the dense woodlands, dark skies, upland hay meadows and heather moorlandsIt’s a place of rare habitats & flourishing wildlife. Hadrian’s Wall Country boasts a rich cultural history contributed to by local dialects and locations made real through myth and legend

The Brewery Malted Barley

Definition of 'Muckle'

Muckle – Northumbrian and Scottish dialect – great, massive, huge. Used mainly as an adjective to describe big, large or mighty: muckle tractor, muckle night out.

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